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Ziggy vom Haus Ledda




Sirk x Bicca - DOB: 06/03/01


Ziggy at three years of age, above.





AKC Companion Dog Title!                                                                                                     Earning his ASCA Companion Dog Title!

He has matured a little, hasn't he??  :

Working on our hold and bark with a novice decoy. 

You can see his full mouth grip which is very consistent. 


 Ziggy  getting "loaded" above, by the best - Raino Fleugge!!!!       


             Get 'em, Ziggy!!


Ziggy now has his:

My "Zig-meister" is the best!  He is sooo workable and trainable.  He is the easiest of dogs to live with.  Ziggy is a wonderful dog with all of the personality in the world.  Ziggy has it all!  Willingness to please, ball drive [I should say Kong drive :) ], personality, charisma and looks!!  He is an animal from all old working Schutzhund bloodlines. We are very proud and feel very privileged to have been able to obtain this super prospect!

Ziggy also carries the black factor! 

Sue with 9 month, one day old Ziggy, after exhibiting in the 9-12 Puppy Dog class
at an AKC German Shepherd Specialty show. 

Ziggy vom Haus Ledda (DL885690/02) has his  



His Sire is Belgium-bred KK1 Sirk de Zennevallei, SchH3. 

His Dam is Bicca vom Freizeitfresser, SchH3, CDX.  Bicca is from 4 generations of vom Haus Ledda's Schutzhund competition dogs.

Here is Ziggy's 4-generation pedigree:

Flori vom Berglein, SchH3, FH

Fero von Zeuterner Himmelreich, SchH3, FH, Lbz, "a" 

  Perle vom Rosenbusch, SchH1
Troll von der bosen Machbarschaft, SchH3, Lbz, "a" 
  Nico vom Haus Marterstock, SchH3
Askia vom Froschgraben, SchH3, FH, IP3, Lbz, "a" 
  Xania vom Fideliohaus, SchH3
Sirk de Zennevallei, SchH3, OFA Good
  Dax von der Xesmarker Tranke, SchH3, FH, IP3
Harro aus der Lechrainstadt, SchH3, FH, IP3, Lbz, "a" 
  Elly vom Windachquell, SchH2
Ciska v. Tiekerhook, IP3, Lbz, "a" Belgian
  Perry vom Beilstein, SchH3, FH, IP3
Endi v. Tiekerhook, VH3, IP1, "a" 
  Esthera v. Tiekerhook, DH
  Urs aus der Hopfenstrasse, SchH3, FH, IP3
Groll vom Herkulesblick, SchH3, HGH, FH, IP3, Lbz, "a" 
  Elfi vom Herkulesblick, SchH3, FH, IP3
Orly von Lunsholz, ScH3, "a" 
Mink vom Haus Wittfeld, SchH3, FH
Imme von der Lindenhalle, SchH2, FH, Lbz, "a" 
  Ira vom Jagermeister, SchH2
Bicca vom Freizeitfresser, SchH3, CDX, OFA Good
Harko vom Haus Ranzmeir, SchH3, IP3
Ingo vom Windachquell, CDX, TDX, SchH3, FH, Lbz, "a" 
  Elfi vom Windachquell, SchH3, FH
Jacqueline/Jacki vom Haus Ledda, CD, SchH1, "a" 
  Happy von der bosen Nachbarschaft, SchH3, FH, IP1
Dixie vom Haus Ledda, CDX, TD, SchH3, FH, "a" 
Jurga vom Birkland, SchH3















For additional generations, see pedigrees for Sirk and Bicca. (coming soon)

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