Wölfi von Hinterland


Bravuro Ortello x Heather


Wölfi von Hinterland

 Wölfi von Hinterland (AKC Registration # DN05488105) was born on Christmas Day 2003.  From a very young age, she exhibited a bright and friendly spirit with dogs and humans of all sizes.  She moved to her home in San Jose when she was nine weeks old, and has since then become the pride and joy of the Spiva household.

 Wölfi is the ideal family dog: highly intelligent, intuitive, adaptable, patient, gentle, and fun.  She inherited these very desirable traits from her parents Hinterland's Heather and Bravuro Ortello von Hinterland.  Wölfi enjoys helping her human parents with construction projects, and chores around the house.  Mainly, she supervises, and barks politely when alarms go off (washer, dryer, kitchen timers, and the telephone).  She also has projects of her own, which include hiding treasures around the house (mostly pig's ears and rawhide bones), and excavating a den in the backyard.  Wölfi knows that it is ok for her to dig in her den area only, and does not disturb the flowers and plants in the garden.

 Since she is a German Shepherd, Wölfi requires physical and mental stimulation, which are mostly satisfied through weekend adventures.  Wölfi loves to swim and play with other dogs during the warm weather, and she thrives on snow play during the Winter.  She is very well behaved, and likes to visit people and their pets.  She is extremely friendly and tolerant of babies and toddlers who get up close and personal.

 Wölfi's formal training includes graduation from Puppy Training, Basic Training and Advanced Training.  She is also Temperament Certified by the GSDCA (German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.).  Her hip x-rays were given a rating of GOOD by the OFA (GS-73341G24F-PI).  Informally, Wölfi is working on her therapy dog, and search and rescue skills.

                                                                            Photographs of "Wölfi" below...


Taking a swim...


With her new "baby"... 


Frolicking in the snow! 

With her own babies of her own species!   :) 


For additional generations, see pedigrees for Vuro  x  Heather

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