Belgium bred

KKl  1A 

Vyck Von Haus Antverpa 

SchH 3, IPO 3, FH1, CDX, TD, PAM 

OFA Good Hips: GS-60308G37M
 OFA Normal Elbows : GS-EL11876-T
USF:5055, DNA #V149381






Vyck is nothing short of spectacular in all work phases, looks, and enthusiasm.  He is an exemplary representative of the German Shepherd Dog.  He is very outgoing and confident, clear thinking and sensible, with a very balanced temperament. His bloodlines carry Bundesseiger Prufung competitors combined with old East German DDR bloodstock.  Vyck competed in every National competition in the USA in 2002, thus earning his Performance Award of Merit [PAM] title.  


Vyck's pedigree below

*Scott von Haus Antverpa  IPO3, Sch3, FH                 FCI World Championship 1997, 98, 99, 00 *Verwin van Blitsared     Sch3 *Robby vom Glockeneck  IPO3, Sch3, FH Ingo v. Rudingen
Jana v. Glockeneck
Sch3, FH
*Gilla van Blitsared           VH3 Natz v. Haardblick
Dinky v. Blitsared
*Ora von Karthago          Sch1 *Falko von Haus Sindern  IPO3, Sch3, FH Aldo v. Eltersberg
Sch3, FH
Assi v. Haus Sindern Sch3
*Quitte von Karthago          Sch3 Bandit v. Hulsbergtal
Jule v. Karthago
*Uschi von Haus Antverpa *Sam vom Haus Bensch   Sch3, BSP *Arras vom Theiles-Hof     Sch2, PSH1 Natan v. Blauen Engel
Sch3, PSH2
Xina a.u. Schwedenstadt Sch1
*Wespe vom Blauen Engel  Sch2, FH Don v. Rolandsteich
Sch2, FH2
Katja v. Blauen Engel
Sch2, FH
*Gibsy v.d. Alten Wassermuhle 
 IPO3, FH                


*Rex v. Haus Iris                 Sch3, FH2, PSH3 Don v. Rolandsteich
Sch2, FH2
Mira v. Haus Iris
Sch2, FH
*Gunda v. Schieferschloss    Sch3, FH Hassan v.d. Haslwiesen Sch2,FH1
Cessy v. Schieferschloss
Sch1, FH


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