A Final Farewell and Tribute to


2nd Place Nationally Ranked GSDCA Annual Training Achievement Award Dam

in 2000 for 1999


Born to me


May 14, 1989

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Passed on to heaven


June 22, 2000

at my hand and in my arms.

A loyal companion, a devoted friend. An excellent mother. A wonderful ranch dog. An all-around perfect dog.

Thirteen times around the high jump for your AKC Companion Dog Excellent title. Only in the shows, of course... Never at home or during our minimal training sessions! We thought we were approaching the Guiness Book for CDX attempts. The one time you did go over the high jump on the return retrieve, the judge flunked our heeling!

Happily "goosing" visitors and residents [unexpectedly] in the groin from behind, while positioning them on your back you appeared between their legs and lovingly looked up at them with a big, contented smile on your face. "Oh, TOOTIE", we exclaimed!

Your love of life and living things was enjoyed by everyone you met. Your happy-go-lucky personality gave you the nickname of "Ms. Jovial".

Your GSDCA Annual Training Achievement Award status of 8th place in ‘98. I was hoping you would live to hear the results of ‘99. I was also selfishly hoping you would live to make it into the old age "13 club" for German Shepherd Dogs.

Even to your dying day, you never complained about anything. Quietly being absorbed by cancer, quietly awaiting me to make my decision. Tolerating diligently my pestering you to go for one last walk, one last swim in the pool, one last ride in the car, one last trip to the vet to see if there may still be anything we can do for you.

The morning I made the decision, you were in the same position I left you the evening before. I called to you; you were semi - responsive; I went to you, lifted your head and you gave me that little whine of "ouch, it hurts, Mom..." At that point my only decision was to put you to rest. You put up no resistance. You looked beautiful, youthful, relieved and had a content expression on your face. I kissed you goodbye and we buried you near your mother on our property.

You will live on through your progeny and grand progeny. You will always be in my heart. I will always love you and remember you. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Forever,


P.S. Your German Shepherd Dog Club Annual Training Achievement Award for ‘99 arrived. Following in your mother’s footsteps, you are now the Second Place dog in the United States.

Your daughter, "Razmataz of Stormy Hinterland, CD, CDX, UD, UDX, TC, CGC, NA, PT" has earned fourth place in the United States in the national cumulative High Combined Obedience competition. Congratulations to you. I love you.


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