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This is my final tribute to my

"Hinterland's Maxine von Holt,

CD, CDX, BH (X3), HT, TC, CGC, RTD Int'l"

March 13, 1986  -  August 18, 1996. 

Herding sheep with me one day,
and died of a hemangiosarcoma one week later. 

It hurts more than one will ever know. 

I love you, "Maxine".   See you at the Rainbow Bridge...

(I still cry; November 23, 2001.)

 To the right is my last photo of "Maxine" with her progeny.

"Maxine" is in the back, sitting on a rock above her 8 progeny from 5 different litters, three different sires.

Spring of 1996. 

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