It was almost 14 years ago when we talked on the phone and then I ran into at the KFC restaurant in Jackson the following day – two days later you back because you ended up with a puppy (the last one) that a person decided they were not longer interested in, you called me and asked me if I wanted it.  The rest is history – Buddy was simply the best (there is a picture of Buddy at the end of the below email). Thank-you!!

 I would love to another puppy so, if you can keep me posted, I would appreciate.  Take care, jp  


                                                                                                     September 9, 2008

 To those that have loved me:

 My time here has come to an end and I want to say good bye and tell you all how much I loved this life and all the people and dogs that came my way.

 I had so much to be thankful for in this life…

 For those who really didn’t like my hair or my big, sloppy kisses, thanks for putting up with them.

 For those who took me on walks and carried that unsightly baggie home to put in the garbage, thank you.  I loved my walks, even when it was difficult for me to get around the block.  I remember those long, long walks around the back lake at Rancho Murrieta…oh, how I loved those.

 For those that took care of me when my mom and dad were out traveling and having fun.  (Don’t tell my parents, but I want you to know I think I had more fun staying with you than being home.)

 For the boy that I got to hang out with, riding in the open jeep and hangin’ with the guys.  Thanks for letting me tag along and have the time of my life.

 For that beautiful woman that always showed up with treats in her hand.  I didn’t want to appear greedy…I hope you’ll forgive over over-eagerness, but you always smelled so good.

 For those ear jobs that I enjoyed so much when that woman with the redheaded dog showed up at the house.  I sure did miss that when they stopped coming. Thank you.

 For that wonderful, loving woman that got me hooked on ice cubes…it kept me running to the freezer every time I heard the door open. I love those ice cubes! Thank you.

 For those beautiful, wonderful smelling women that showed up once a week, sat around and talked and laughed and cried together.  I actually felt like one of the girls on those nights.  I couldn’t add to the conversation, but I sure felt the love and wonderful energy in the room.

 For those who visited the house and always had an enthusiastic “Hi, Buddy!” and a loving pat on the head for me.  And, didn’t mind leaving with a few dog hairs on their clothes.  Thank you.

 For those family members that visited from faraway places and made the house a very happy place for short periods of time.  Especially those beautiful little girls that let me sleep with them.  Thank you all.

 In this lifetime I got to: cut down a Christmas tree, run in deep snow and catch snowballs in my mouth, run with the horses, chase the cats on my property, run at the ocean’s edge, go to South Lake Tahoe (it was rumored that I visited Mexico too, alas, not true), be the ring bearer in a wedding, lick many ice cream and yogurt bowls, make friends with many, many dogs (cats, not so much) and many, many wonderful humans.

 And last, but certainly not least, for my mom and dad who were the best owners a dog could have.  Thank you for loving me so much and taking such good care of me.  I would never have made it to nearly 14 without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 I’m not having a memorial or anything (my wishes) but next time you raise a glass, give me a little toast and know that

 I’ll be waiting to greet you when you get to the other side. Hair, big sloppy kiss and all!


                                                                                                      Love,  Buddy



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