Mail or email  this application to: [email protected] or Hinterland German Shepherds, 4623 Jaquima Drive,  Angels Camp, CA. 95222;  Phone: Voice: 209-785-3077  Please contact us by phone if you do not hear back from us in a reasonable amount of time. 

Name: _________________________________________ Date: _____________
Address: ______________________________________ City: ________________
State: _____ Zip: _________ E-mail Address:_________________________________
Phone: Home#: ______________________ Work#: ________________________

1.   Why did you decide on a German Shepherd Dog? 

2.   Have you ever owned a German Shepherd? 

3.   What dogs do you currently own (name, breed, age)? Have owned?   

4.   What other pets are in your household? 

5.   Do you have children?          What are their ages? 

6.   Do all members of your family agree to the addition of a German Shepherd Dog to your home? 

7.   Is this dog for your children or the entire family? 

8.   Will this dog be included in your family life? Vacations, etc.? 

9.   Will this dog be allowed to be inside of your home? 

10.   Where will this dog sleep? 

11.   Do you rent or own your home?  

12.   What type of outdoor enclosure do you have (fence, dog house, run, etc.)? 

13.   Do you have a gender preference?                          Color preference?

14.   Is money an issue?   

15.   Do you realize this dog will be with you for about 10 to 15 years? 

16.   If your situation changes, such as job or move, would you plan to take this dog with you? 

17.   In the event of serious illness or accident, would you be financially able to and will you care for this dog? 

18.   Are you willing to commit to care for this dog in its advancing age?    

19.   Are you willing to spend the money to see that this dog has proper medical care at all times?

20.   Do you intend to train this dog to be a socially acceptable canine good citizen? 

21.   Do you plan to use this dog for breeding? 

22.   Do you plan to spay or neuter this dog? 

23.   Are you interested in showing this dog in conformation or obedience? 

24.   Who referred you to us?

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SIGNATURE: __________________________________________

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