Hinterland's Maxine Von Holt


03/13/86 - 08/18/96


A natural in protection work!  She hated guns and wanted to disarm everyone!


Maxine von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC (D465265), was OFA Good H&E (GS-23177G35F-T, GS-EL5-T). Maxine was the foundation bitch at Hinterland German Shepherds.

Maxine's first two litters were by Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, one born in May 1989 and the other born in May 1990. From the first litter we kept two females - Roxie and Katrina. From the second litter we kept one female - Schelle.

We bred Maxine to Champion Dreamweaver's Heineken in 1991. In August, Maxine whelped her third litter. We kept one male - Boz - and one female - Hilda - from this litter. We re-acquired another female - Nixie.

Maxine's last two litters were by Ben Von Thuringen. Her June 1994 litter produced one puppy - a female we kept and named Solitaire. From Maxine's May 1995 litter by Ben, we kept another female - Megan.

Maxine has her:

Having the best of both worlds, Maxine was a blend of German and American bloodlines. She was a picture of health from day one. She was a wonderful companion. Being the best of watchdogs, she was instinctively protective. She was more than gun sure. She was very maternal towards animals and children alike. Her natural ability to herd abounded.

Out of five litters, Maxine has produced progeny working as Police Service K-9s, obedience competitors, Schutzhund-titled progeny, Herding-titled progeny, Therapy Assistant Dogs, and great family members. She has thrown her excellent temperament, good hips and elbows, and health into her offspring. We currently have four generations of progeny out of her bloodstock. Maxine was a very tough, demanding, and controlling dog, and would put up a challenge for a weak handler. Her ball drive was intense. Through the work of some of her progeny, she had acquired a 2nd place standing in the German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Annual Training Achievement Award Program in 1993. Maxine currently has enough points to be a Register of Merit (ROM) dam TWICE, but hasn't produced any American Champions. Maxine has been a wonderful dog to live with. She was always ready and willing for anything. We loved her immensely.

Our final tribute to Maxine is on our Rainbow Bridge page.  

Here is Maxine's 4-generation pedigree:

Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill, ROM

Am.GV Am.Ch. Schokrest on Parade, ROM


Philberlyn's Rhonda of Marin

Rohan's Alydar
  Schrokrest Pacific Gold
Von Kneff's Zara of Rohan
  Von Kneff's Dacquari
Captain Max XVII
  Am.Ch. Karagin's Crusader, ROM
Am.Ch. Deannson's on Broadway, CD, SchH I, AD
  Harrigan's Lakeside Maegan
Heather of Galteemore
  Jasko v.d. Altmark, UD
Rosegate's Lacey
  Altmark's Magnificent Molly, CDX
  YS/WYS/CS/Am.Ch. Asslan v Klammle, SchH III
Rudel v. Chateau Roi
  Patti of Ens-Hi
Joshua's Allelujah
Landstreicher v. Nethan
Abigail Tamar Morin v. Cilli, CDX
  Cilli v. Urstromtal
Goldie XXXVI
Olaf vh Altenas Land, SchH III, FH
Villo v. Elbbachtal, AD
  Renata De La Louve Romaine SchH II
Tashia Von de Ford
  Chadwich Edward Ayre II
Nichole Von de Ford
Dutchess Ciatena v. Hilda

















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