Hinterland's Lilly Ponds

"Lilly P"

Axl x Katrina - DOB: 05/29/94

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Hinterland's Lilly Ponds, CD, HT, TC, CGC (DL532538/08), or Lilly P (for short), is OFA Good H&E (GS-48068G31F-T, GS-EL6676-T). Lilly P is a third-generation Hinterland bitch.  She is a litter sister to Hetzii.

Her Sire is KK2 Lbz "Axl vom Camdenerland, SchH3, FH, IP3" OFA Good, hips and elbows.  Axl is a multiple Schutzhund 3 National Competition dog, with many 100-point tracks, with Dave Schroeder as handler, owner, and trainer.  He is a 4th generation Busecker Schloss breeding on the top side (Afra, Vroni, Sagus, Natan).  The bottom side of his pedigree includes Mythus and Evi Korbelbach, Acco, Horby, Pali and Umsa Bungalow, along with Quicke, Kerry, Krega, and more super working dogs.

Her Dam is our "Hinterland's Katrina of V. Oak, CD, TC, CGC" OFA Good, hips and elbows.

Lilly P has her:

Lilly P is appropriately named. She is always providing entertainment for our group. She has a natural attentive obedient nature about her. A very high-energy animal with great enthusiasm. We call her our Doberman-style GSD. She is tall and upright, with a short/dry stock hair coat. Her color is very dark black and tan. She is a large, very moderately angled bitch. She is a natural retriever, very athletic in her jumping ability, and generally an "all terrain vehicle" dog. She does carry the black factor.

We bred two of our Hinterland dogs, Lilly P and Boz in 1997. From Lilly P's litter, born in March, we kept Ebony and re-acquired Gunther.

Here is Lilly P's 3-generation pedigree:

KKL I Lbz Sagus vom Busecker Schloss, SchH3, IP3, FH

KKL I Lbz Natan vom Busecker Schloss, SchH3, FH
KKL I Lbz Cora v.d. Taunussteiner Hohe, SchH3, CD
KKL II Lbz Axl vom Camdenerland, SchH3, FH, IP3, AD, BH
KKL I Lbz Mythus vom Korbelbach, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Dixie vom Korbeltal, SchH3 
KKL I Lbz Evi vom Korbelbach, SchH3, FH, IP3
Am.Ch. Jolyn's Barnstormer
KKL I Lbz Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, SchH1, HT, CD, CDX, TC, CGC
Jolyn's Athena
Hinterland's Katrina of V. Oak, CD, HT, TC, CDC
Captain Max XVII
Maxine von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC, RTD Int'l
Goldie XXXVI









For additional generations, see pedigrees for Axl and Katrina.

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