Lex von Eidson


DOB: 11/22/92




Lex von Eidson, CDX (DL453922/05), or Major (for short), is OFA Good H&E (GS-40067G24M, GS-EL3964). He is a grandson of Grimm von der Heidmark, FH Champion of 1991. Major comes from a long line of Schutzhund-titled and Police Service dogs.

We bred Monique to Major in 1995. From Monique's litter, born in September, we kept Samson and Dante.

Here is Major's 4-generation pedigree:

Kondor vom Auewall, SchH2, "a"

Warro vom Cellerland, SchH3, FH, IP3, "a"

  Sina von der Grone, SchH1, "a"
KKL I Grimm von der Heidmark, SchH3, FH, IP3, "a", OFA
  Zarno vom Holtkamper See, SchH3, "a"
Birke vom Warnautal, SchH2, "a"
  Mara vom Busecker Schloss, SchH3, Int.FH, "a"
Cator vom Kirkwood
  Reza vom Haus Beck, SchH3, "a"
Lido zur Wolfskammer, SchH3, "a"
  Inka vom Grundel, SchH3, "a"
KKL I Lbz Stella von der Michaelswiese, SchH1, "a", OFA
  Quax vom Bubenlachring, SchH3, FH, "a"
Cora von der Michaelswiese, SchH1, "a"
  Mara von der Prinzenbrucke, SchH3, "a"
  Held v. Ritterberg, SchH3
Iran v.d. Landskronerburg, FH
  Olly v.d. Waldeforst, SchH1
Lauser von de Oelmool, SchH1, OFA, Police K-9
Ilka's Duran, SchH2, PSHI
Nicol v. Haus Kadur, SchH1
  Ira v. Seeblick, PSHI
McDowell's Bianca von Eidson, OFA
Panzer of Shepherd Cavalcade, PSD
Panzer von der Roten-Schluct, PSD, OFA
  Knospe von der Roten-Schluct, PSD
Eidson's Finess Tribute, OFA
  Alkor v.d. Molenakker, PSD (Holland)
Dame Dorchen of Greenvale, PSD, OFA
Leistungs Gilda vom Alf
















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