Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee



KK1 V-rated Lbz. Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, BH, AD, Sch 1, HT, CD, CDX, CACIB, CGC  

03/23/87 - ? /?/ 2001


Kondor - backwards stack at Sieger Show



            Kondor -  Best of Winners                                                            Kondor - beautiful head photo! 

Kondor, another Best of WInners photograph.

Kondor and daughter, Schelle, above.


KK1 V-rated Lbz. Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, BH, AD, Sch 1, HT, CD, CDX, CACIB, CGC (D604711), OFA Fair (GS-23477F24M).  Kondor  was the first stud dog that we used at Hinterland German Shepherds. 

Maxine's first two litters were by Kondor, one born in May 1989 and the other born in May 1990. From the first litter we kept two females - Roxie and Katrina. From the second litter we kept one female - Schelle.

In a 1992 ad Elaine Hodgin, Kondor's owner, writes :

Kondor is multiple "V" rated under German judges and is AKC pointed. Kondor consistently improves temperament, working drive and produces his shoulder, stop, expression, pigment, tight ligamentation, short coupling, full mouth and scissors bite.

His working offspring include Schelle BH (going for SchH1 in 1993), Katrina CD, Shobeq HT and Azraq PT. Dogs working in official capacity include Shikra - certified search and rescue, Ski - street certified K-9, and Panzer - nearing street certification for Sacramento Police Department.

Kondor's personality makes friends. As one Cocker exhibitor says, "He has his own fan club."

Here is Kondor's 4-generation pedigree:

Am.Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail

  Am.Ch. Cobert's Windsong
Am.Ch. Howard's Citation of Cinway
  Am.Ch. Kenwood's Epic
Howard's Scheherazade of Caralon, ROM
  Mistequa of Brentwood
Am.Ch. Jolyn's Barnstormer, CD
  Covy-Tucker Hill's Zinfandel
Dapamo's Laser
  Am.Ch. Tangelwood's Janel of Dapamo
Jolyn's Athena
  Am.Ch. Caranbil's Adios of Sandmark, CD
Wera Nibelung, CD
  Sonne Nibelung, CD
  Am.Sel. Am./Can.Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside, ROM
Evergreen's Corrigador
  Von Auckland's Melody Rocket
Am.Ch. Arelee's Woodstock, CD
Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill
Arelee's Country Charm
  Am.Ch. Tucker Hill's Gretina, CD
Arelee's Valley Girl
Am.GV Am.Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan, ROM
Covy-Tucker Hill's Zinfandel, ROM
  Am.Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique, CD, ROM
Arelee's Diamond Jubilee, ROM
  Am.Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island
Arelee's Bertrille
Am.Ch. Tucker Hill's Gretina, CD

















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