MS. Molly's Kona Bean


DOB: 07/25/97

Trained and shown by her 12-year-old owner,
Kona earned her AKC CD (Companion Dog) title.

MS. Molly's Kona Bean, CD (DL704603/07), or Kona (for short), is OFA Good H&E (GS-56809G25F, GS-EL10327F25). Kona is owned by Renee Benham.

Her Sire is Gustofson vom Grossen Tal.

Her Dam is Kuhlman's Molly Malone.

***More information about Kona coming soon***

Here is Kona's 4-generation pedigree:

Gildo vom Korbelbach

Orly vom Barenfang (Germany)

  Betsi vom Barenfang
Panter vom Haus Stevens (Belgium)
  Grando vom Haus Stevens
Jaga vom Haus Stevens
  Cora vom Monchen-werth
Gustofson vom Grossen Tal
  Sirk vom Schloss Veitenstein (Germany)
Valk vom Pfreimdthal (Germany)
  Quenni vom Haus Lingl (Germany)
Xcandice vom Grossen Tal
  Max vom Hause Kunda
Sheena von Summer Winds
  Jaska vom Hollbachgrund (Germany)

  Webb von der Maaraue (Germany)
Heiss Van Gelderland, CDX
  Asta vom Seeraubertal, CD, TD
Handsome Bro Solorio
Bak of Big Basin
Jennifer KD Judd
  Valley Oak's the Dark Crystal
Kuhlman's Molly Malone
Zeus von der Pol
Atilla the Hun XXV
  Bertha Tucker Vagant Joy
Kuhlman's Lady
  Barron of Stocton PD
Big Dolly of Jack D Malone
Sheba von Duvan Behr
















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