Hinterland's Katelynn


Enzo x Ally - DOB: 05/22/00

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Hinterland's Katelynn (DL838613/02) is a fourth-generation Hinterland bitch. Katelynn and her litter sister Karly are affectionately dubbed the "Koneheads" because the tips of their ears met when they were puppies. Katelynn is also nicknamed the Motocross Kid, due to her inherent athletic ability.  Rarely is she slow or still. 

Katelynn is a beautifully structured female.  She is black and red and longer stock haired.  She is a fun loving, affectionate animal. 

Her Sire is the infamous Schutzhund Hall of Fame dog "KKL I, V-rated "Enzo Manepo, SchH3". Enzo is one of the top working German Shepherd dogs in the world. To the working German Shepherd Dog fancy, Enzo needs no introduction.

Her Dam is our "Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC" OFA Good (H&E). (Ally is a Schelle daughter.)

Katelynn has her:

Katelynn is a black and red petite bitch with excellent proportions. She is a full-of-life bitch with lots of natural ability, willingness and spirit. She is very fast to respond. Katelynn is very athletic and advanced for her age. She has been tested on agility equipment; she should do well. We have also had her working around our sheep and she has a strong prey drive and interest in the sheep, as well. We hope to title her in both. 

Here is Katelynn's 3-generation pedigree:

KKL I Lbz Don vom Lennefetal, ATTA 2nd, SchH3, FH

KKL I Lbz Ingo vom Lehnhof, ZVV1, CACIB, IP3
KKL I Lbz Anja von den Lossewiesen, CACIB, SchH3, FH
KKL I Lbz Enzo Manepo, ZVV2, CACIB, SchH3, AD, IP2, OFA Good
KKL I Lbz Dyk z Vlcova, ZVV3, ZM, ZPO, IP1, CACIB
KKL I Lbz Berta Astrix Bohemia, ZM, ZVV2
KKL I Lbz Uranna Slav-Jar, ZM, ZVV1
KKL  I Lbz Rhondo von Batu, SchH3, FH, "a"
KKL I Lbz Alex vom Nord Rasen, SchH3, CD
KKL I Lbz Orlanda vom Kirschental, SchH1, "a"
Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC, OFA Good
KKL I Lbz Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, SchH 1, HT, CD, CDX, TC, CGC
Schelle von Hinterland, SchH1, CD, CDX, HIC, PT, AD, BH, TC, CGC
Maxine Von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC









For additional generations, see pedigrees for Enzo and Ally.

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