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This woman stole my dog. Don't let her handicap fool you.  

Her name is Erin Reed.  She lives in Spokane, Washington.  My dog's name is Dakota von Hinterland and is legally registered in my name.  Dakota is a dog that needed to be a working animal.  She is the last of her bloodline.  

Out of the goodness of my heart, I was planning to donate Dakota as a service dog to a needy individual.  Erin was the first to jump on this opportunity, as she is with anything that is "free".  Erin convinced me she would take excellent care of Dakota, that Dakota was very much needed by Erin for her survival, and more.  While in my care, Dakota was veterinary checked a couple of times by a few different veterinarians, had her hips and elbows xrayed, and was confirmed healthy to be bred and worked.  I then shipped Dakota Washington state.  

I had chosen a male who I felt had a complimentary pedigree to Dakota, paid for a breeding to this chosen male near Erin's home, so as not to inconvenience Erin.  Erin's agreement was to transport Dakota to the male. She went on to tell me she couldn't part with Dakota [emotionally] for whelping.  I told her I would do my best to minimize the time they were apart.   Erin then decided she had not the funds to transport this animal.  Erin proceeded to beg for monies from people, anyone and everyone.  Her friends offered to help her with transporting this dog, monetarily and  physically.  Driving transport was offered.  Erin then decided to fabricate illnesses of Dakota.  I have veterinary reports of Erin Reed prodding her veterinarian to write me a letter stating Dakota should not be bred.  I heard stories of Dakota swallowing pill bottles [having to have her stomach pumped], eating soiled undergarments [developing a "sensitive gut"; duhh!  I wonder WHY??], almost getting hit by a car, running amuck, chronic ear problems, cardiac issues [maybe the pill consumption created this ??]...  I had received numerous phone calls and emails from Erin's acquaintances questioning Erin's ability to properly care for my dog.  I sent to Erin's HUD home a wonderful woman [who use to be a breeder] to check up on the quality of care my Dakota was receiving.  Upon arrival, Erin was nowhere to be found.  Dakota was locked up in a crate in Erin Reed's apartment wearing a electronic bark collar.  Dakota appeared to be ok, with a dull coat, not bred nor spayed and doing ok.  

Over this past year, I had been in contact with Erin's veterinarian [humane society donations and caring additional persons paid for most of their visits, I was recently informed].  Erin swore  to me [via phone and emails] that she would never do anything to harm my animal.  Erin swore to me [via phone and email]  she would abide by our contractual agreement, so as to not loose this wonderful working line of dog.  

After convincing me that Erin would never go against my wishes and breech her contract with me, Erin then proceeded to have my dog surgically altered, without my approval.  In all actuality, I specifically told both the veterinarian [in writing and via phone] AND Erin Reed, that I would want to reevaluate Dakota before making any permanent decisions regarding Dakota's future.  That never happened.  I was not allowed to even view my own personal property.  

There were reports of Dakota having unattended mastitis [while in Erin's care] AFTER Dakota was spayed on December 13, 2002 without my approval.  [Mastitis can kill a dog, with fever of over 105 degrees, seizures, and multiple other complications].  

This woman, Erin Reed, breeched her contract with me, ruined and annihilated a much needed working bloodline, and then proceeded to steal my dog.  

Erin Reed now refuses to return my dog without my obtaining a court order.  She has locked herself in her apartment.  I don't know where Dakota  relieves herself.  Dakota most likely is not receiving adequate exercise.  Erin  has "threatened"  to turn me in to the American Kennel Club, and the German Shepherd Dog Club America to try to ruin my credibility as a breeder.  This is my repayment for trying to GIVE Erin Reed service dog and expecting her to be responsible and honest and abide by our contract and agreement.  I think it must have been too much to ask her to behave as a responsible adult.  Unfortunately, this experience places a bad taste in my mouth for wanting to help someone else.  

Erin Reed refuses to answer her phone.  Her friends have refused to "chat" with her on line.  She has done this to herself.  I don't feel sorry for her.  She has developed and finely tuned her abilities to manipulate and take advantage of others, while using her handicap as her excuse.  

I feel Erin Reed does not deserve to have this animal.  I have other needy and less manipulative, self-gratifying individuals that would relish the opportunity to have an animal such as Dakota.   


Susan E. Solari

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