Enzo Manepo


DOB: 02/22/92




I LOVE this dog...  I have loved this dog since the first time I saw him.  Enzo is still and  has been spectacular from day one.  He is residing with us at Hinterland in his senior age for awhile.  We are truly honored to entertain such an outstanding animal at our ranch.  

KKL I Lbz Enzo Manepo, ZW2, CACIB, SchH3, AD, IP2 (DL544421/01) is OFA Good (GS-38817G29M-T)

Enzo was the U.S. National SchH3 Champion in 1996.  

*1999 National Championships 2nd place

   and there is more...  

In 1997, we bred Roxie to Enzo. From Roxie's litter, born in May, we kept Chelsea.

Three years later, we bred Ally to Enzo. From Ally's litter, born in May 2000, we kept Katelynn and Karly.

Here is Enzo's 4-generation pedigree:

Fax vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3

KKL I Lbz Gundo vom Trienzbachtal, ATTA 2nd, SchH3, FH, IP3

  Tannie vom Trienzbachtal, , SchH3
KKL I Lbz Don vom Lennefetal, ATTA 2nd, SchH3, FH
  Dingo vom Haus Gero, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Alexa von der Bergischen Rhon, CACIB, SchH3
  Floriana vom Bergischen Tal, SchH1
KKL I Lbz Ingo vom Lehnhof, ZW1, CACIB, IP3
  Lasso vom Wiedenbrucker Land, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Felix von Arminius, CACIB, SchH3
  Fee vom Weiherturchen, SchH1
KKL I Lbz Anja von den Lossewiesen, CACIB, SchH3, FH
  Dax vom Kopenkamp, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Lessie vom Trienzbachtal, CACIB, SchH1, AD
  Azura vom Trienzbachtal, SchH1
  Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl, SchH3, FH Int.
KKL I Lbz Enno vom Berglein, ZM, ZV1, CACIB
  Fee vom Kirschental, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Dyk z Vlcova, ZVV3, ZM, ZPO, IP1, CACIB
Enno vom Haus Schuocker, SchH3, FH
KKL I Lbz Ina z Bitovcic, ZVV1, CACIB
  Darka z Bouska
KKL I Lbz Berta Astrix Bohemia, ZM, ZVV2
Cyrus z Mestskeho polesi, ZVV2
KKL I Lbz Igor z Safarova, ZVV2, ZM, CACIB
  Akra z Safarova, ZVV1
KKL I Lbz Uranna Slav-Jar, ZM, ZVV1
  Egon Slav-Jar, ZV V3,SPO, 5JX5
KKL I Lbz Olanna Slav-Jar, ZM, ZVV1
Lena z Proksova dvora, ZV V1, 6CK17, vyb.
















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