Public Disclaimer to Sue DiCero's false accusations regarding copyright infringement of our joint works photographs.

This is a public notice in rebuttal  regarding Sue DiCero's issue regarding "copyright infringement" by me, Susan E. Solari and website. 

I [Susan E.Solari]  owner of do have written proof from Sue DiCero, including negatives, photographs submitted to me and requested to me to specifically enter these photos on my website, additional letters from Sue DiCero, dated envelopes and multiple promotions by Sue DiCero to publish both her own photos and photos we [Suzanne - Sue DiCero] performed as a joint works. 

 I  did remove from my website, which I have had in existence WAY before Sue DiCero had her temper tantrums.  Via her childish requests to remove the pathetic portrayals of her [and my]  joint works, I removed the pitiful and not worthy of this amount of recognition, photographs from my website.  All of these copyright accusations are untruths claimed by Sue [Suzanne]  DiCero.  She has been giving people [in addition to me] photographs for years and when she has a bout of an unfriendly issue with them, she cries "copyright violation", after allowing people to use "her" photographs.  She has on occasion reported to me someone using my photographs without my permission.  She has had considerable experience with this type of activity.  

Sue DiCero and I have had dealings since 1995, when she decided to purchase her first German Shepherd Dog, KK2 SG Hinterland's Thor Baer, Sch 2, ... from me as an 8 week old puppy.  


She has purchased a puppy [her FIRST GSD puppy, I may add] from me in 1994.  This animal was sold on a co-ownership and went on to be titled in Schutzhund, OFA'ed EXCELLENT.  All of this is not good enough for her.   I suppose I deserve punishment for her well achieved and accomplished success from a co-owned animal by herself and me, Susan E. Solari.  Such is life.  So much for gratitude.  So much for trying to be a good person and friend. She has since soured in her personality and become all too self serving.  

Am I wrong to say, "nice knowing you, Sue DiCero?"  ??   Thanks for nothing. Thanks for taking advantage of me, turning cheek, and stabbing me in the back.  

Best Regards to you; please give my baby "Baer" a kiss and hug from me, as I am sure I will never hear of him or see any photos or receive any progeny out of our co-owned Baer who is out of my beloved Hinterland's Roxie of V. Oak .  

This has proved to be another valuable learning experience for me.  

Susan E. Solari