Hinterland's Bonnie Blue Butler


Xasko x Ally - DOB: 08/25/98

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Hinterland's Bonnie, TC, CGC (DL757523/01), or Bonnie (for short), is OFA Fair H&E (GS-62898F38F-PI, GS-EL13210-PI). Bonnie is a fourth-generation Hinterland bitch. Our Jezabelle is her litter sister.

Her Sire is German imported KKL I Lbz VA Xasko von der Roten Matter, SchH3, "a"

Her Dam is our "Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC" OFA Good (H&E). (Ally is a Schelle daughter.)

Bonnie has her:

Bonnie is a plushy coated, black and red bitch. She is very nicely structured with balance and good proportion. She is a moderately-sized bitch with good bone and pigment. She has a very outgoing personality and is athletic. We have nicknamed her "Bionic Bonnie" because of her spring-loaded jumping style.

Here is Bonnie's 3-generation pedigree:

KKL I Lbz Amigo om Belgier, SchH3, "a"

Ita.Sgr. KKL I Lbz Quartz dei Templari, SchH3, "a"
KKL I Lbz Freda del Pellegrino, SchH1, "a" 
V-A KKL I Xasko von der Roten Matter, SchH3, "a"
KKL I Lbz V Folemarkens Jasso, SchH3, IP3, BHP1, "a"
KKL I Lbz Enne von der Sturmeiche, SchH1, "a"
V KKL I Gora vom Haus Roselius, SchH1, "a"
KKL  I Lbz Rhondo von Batu, SchH3, FH, "a"
KKL I Lbz Alex vom Nord Rasen, SchH3, CD
KKL I Lbz Orlanda vom Kirschental, SchH1, "a"
Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC
KKL I Lbz Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, SchH 1, HT, CD, CDX, TC, CGC
Schelle von Hinterland, SchH1, CD, CDX, HIC, PT, AD, BH, TC, CGC
Maxine Von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC








For additional generations, see pedigrees for Xasko and Ally.

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