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Our Newly Awarded, Home bred

Hinterland German Shepherd Dogs 

are now 

 Rated in the German Conformation Ring!!




Hinterland's Scarlet O'Hara 


Scarlet the beautiful!!!  received the SG rating from the German SV judge.  That is the highest conformation rating available to an untitled dog.  Scarlet will go on to get her Schutzhund titles and be Koered.  

                          Congratulations Scarlet!!!    

          Thank-you, Dawn for helping me handle my dogs!!  


Hinterland's Genevieve

         Our German Shepherd Dog, Genevieve, was second only to Scarlet!  Also received the SG rating in Conformation.  


We hope to continue on with Jenny's training and titling, also.  

                              Congratulations Jenny!!! 


[more photos to come later]                      


Please see my new German Shepherd babies below!!  


Argus vh Feuerstein 

Has received a Very Promising from the German SV judge!!!


Way to go Argus!!  at just 2 weeks over 6 months of age in the 6 - 9 month class!!  

Congratulations Argus!!  


 my new girl

Anna-Angela vh Feuerstein


Angela received a Promising rating from the German SV judge in the 6 - 9 month class.

Angela was just two weeks over the 6 month age.  

Congratulations Angela!!  


Thanks to my help from the Blue Tahoe Schutzhund Club, Tim, Dawn and everyone else!!!  



The summer of 2002

Working Hard for our Canine Good Citizen tests:


Angela bathing Jezebelle

Shannon and Gunther 

Colton hard at work 

getting his picture taken

And more work for our CGC

Angela heeling with Jezebelle

Shannon preparing Chaser
for her CGC and good manners.  


Colton and Skidder working on 

their synchronization.   


Group sits 

Teaching the stand command

Group Heeling 



Group picture soon to come...  

We now  have 

5 New 

AKC Canine Good Citizens!!!   

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