Hinterland's Autumn


also affectionately known as "Chips"

Alex x Nixie

 08/08/93 - 2/15/04

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Hinterland's Autumn, TC (DL533169/03) is OFA Fair (GS-50090F37F-T). Autumn is a third-generation Hinterland bitch.

Her Sire is KK1 Lbz V-Rated "Alex vom Nord Rasen, SchH3, BH, AD, CD" OFA EXCELLENT (H & E), vWd neg. Alex's lines go to many V and V-A rated dogs; Rhondo v. Batu, Eiko vom Kirschental, Uran vom Wildsteigerland, Xitta vom Kirschental. In addition, there are many HGH (Herding) dogs and multi-titled Schutzhund and FH (tracking) ancestors.

Her Dam is our "Nixie von Hinterland, HT, TC, CGC" OFA Excellent (hips and elbows), vWd neg, eyes certified.

Autumn has her:

Autumn is a beautifully structured, short bodied, nicely proportioned bitch. She has a lot of bone and substance. Her coat is of moderate length and stock hair. Her pigment is excellent. She is a masculine type of bitch. We have given her the title "Junque-yard Dog" as that is her personality type. She is a quick to make decisions and defend. She is no one's friend but ours; her owners. A truly unusual and unique personality type for a Hinterland offspring.

Here is Autumn's 3-generation pedigree:

KKL I Lbz Eiko vom Kirschental, SchH3, FH

KKL I Lbz Rhondo von Batu, SchH3, FH
Amsel von Batu, SchH2
KKL I Lbz Alex vom Nord Rasen, SchH3, CD
KKL I Lbz Kanto vom Kirchgarten, SchH3, FH
KKL I Lbz Orlanda vom Kirschental, SchH1
KKL I Lbz Aike vom Kirschental, HGH

Am.Ch. Caralon's Jedi of Brookwood

Am.Ch. Dreamweaver's Heineken, CD, HT, TC, CGC, TDI, GSDCA 13, OFA Excellent
Glendhenmere's Gretchen
Nixie von Hinterland, HT, TC, CGC, OFA Excellent
Captain Max XVII
Maxine von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC, RTD, Int'l, OFA Good
Goldie XXXVI









For additional generations, see pedigrees for Alex and Nixie.

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