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Hinterland's Annabelle


Arek x Ally - DOB: 05/01/97








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Hinterland's Annabelle, TC, CGC (DL689857/02); we call her Belle Belle.  She  is OFA Good H&E (GS-56485G27F-T, GS-EL10167-T). Annabelle is a fourth-generation Hinterland bitch. Our Chaser is her litter sister and our Dylan is her litter brother.

Her Sire is KK1 LBZ Arek vom Bodenthal, SchH3. (a National Schutzhund Competition dog)

Her Dam is our "Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC" OFA Good (H&E). (Ally is a Schelle daughter.)

Annabelle has her:

Our "Belle Belle" is a very typey bitch. She is black and tan with a moderate stock hair coat. She is very feminine. Her willingness to please is a wonderful attribute. She is very fast moving and athletic. Her whole litter has OFA'd good, with the majority being borderline excellent by OFA's standards.

Annabelle's litter brother "Riffraff of Stormy Hinterland, CD, CDX, TD,  UD" is on our Shining Star Page, and is a 2001 recipient of Dog World's Canine Distinction award!!!

Here is Annabelle's 3-generation pedigree:

KKL I Lbz Fero von Zeuterner Himmelreich, SchH3, FH, "a"

KKL I Lbz Troll von der bosen Machbarschaft, SchH3, "a"
Lbz Askia vom Froschgraben, SchH3, FH, IP3, "a" 
KKL I Lbz Arek vom Bodenthal, BH, SchH3
KKL I Lbz Jimmy vom Dalwigerholz, SchH3, FH, IP3, "a"
KKL I Lbz Ondra vom haus Semm, SchH2, "a"
KKL I Lbz Enna aus Wattenscheid, SchH2, "a"
KKL  I Lbz Rhondo von Batu, SchH3, FH, "a"
KKL I Lbz Alex vom Nord Rasen, SchH3, CD
KKL I Lbz Orlanda vom Kirschental, SchH1, "a"
National Champion Hinterland's Alexandra Belle, CD, TC, CGC, CAC
KKL I Lbz Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, SchH 1, HT, CD, CDX, TC, CGC
International Champion Schelle von Hinterland, SchH1, CD, CDX, HIC, PT, AD, BH, TC, CGC , CACIB
Maxine Von Holt, BH, CD, CDX, HT, TC, CGC








For additional generations, see pedigrees for Arek and Ally.

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