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My love of the German Shepherd Dog goes back to the third grade.  Upon a recent trip to my childhood home in Pennsylvania, my mother bestowed upon me a mosaic of a German Shepherd Dog head/profile I had constructed while in the third grade. I am convinced the popular television series Rin Tin Tin had played a major part in my love and respect for this noble and intelligent breed of dog. 


I acquired my first German Shepherd, Athena, in my late teens. She was pregnant to a police dog when I got her. I kept Alicia from the litter. 

Alicia was the best of friends.  She traveled with me everywhere.  During my wayward teenage years, I choose to hitchhike all over the east coast of the United States of America to experience life.  Alicia was right at my side the entire time.  We were inseparable. She was a perfect lady at all times. I am, to this day,  thoroughly convinced that she is the reason why I never had any negative experiences.  People would offer us shelter and food and deliver us to our destinies.  Alicia and I had such a close relationship, that I could think commands to her and she would respond.  That is the type of human/animal bond that the German Shepherd Dog is capable of.   Alicia was an integral part in what I have done over the years and am doing today.










Alicia  and her two daughters, Hazel [left] and Tina, below ] 1977.



After high school, I left home to be employed on a Thoroughbred breeding and training farm  in Ocala, Florida. I took Alicia with me.  There I saddle broke 2 year old Thoroughbreds for their upcoming careers in addition to other ranch chores that go along with living on the breeding/training farm.    


          Sue and Thoroughbred Colt                      Readying Thoroughbred 2 year olds for the race track.



Sue on her Thoroughbred "Fiesta".                                                                 




                   One of my favorite geldings. 


 On to another venture with the horses:  I found myself on Willowdale Farms in Barrington, Illinois.  Willowdale Farms was a training, conditioning, and rehabilitation  center for all types of competition horses.   We predominately swam the animals for post-operative care,  therapy and rehabilitation.  While living in the Chicago area, I had also groomed, galloped, and ponyed races on the Thoroughbred racetracks such as Sportsman's and Arlington Park.  All with Alicia in tow...  

I have schooled in psychology and dietary sciences while in college in the Chicago area.  From Chicago, Illinois, we moved to Sonora, California.  In Sonora, I was employed at Columbia State Park,  I managed Matelot Gold Mine store and conducted tours of the Hidden Treasure Hard Rock Gold mine for school groups.  It was an active, working gold mine.  I also was employed to rob the Columbia stage line on horseback.  From Sonora, we moved to Calaveras County, Angels Camp, California. 



                                                     Sue robbing the Columbia Park stage line.                                                  Sue robbing a passer-by.  



                                                 Alicia and Sue Camping.


   1985...  still camping...  but on our own property... 

Jack of all, master of none has purported me to other facets of the working world.  Dabbling in a variety of talents with the purpose of gaining finances to support my many interests had brought me to gain employment in everything from ranch meat cutting and butchering to commercial meat processing, to veterinary medicine and human radiology.  I jokingly state I have gone from dead animals, to live animals to people...  hhhmmm...  

Baby Maxine with 14 year old Alicia   
in Fred Scrapper's dog house.  [below] Scrapper was a rescue dog, and as you can see, VERY destructive.  

Maxine was the foundation bitch at Hinterland German Shepherds.  She was purchased  in 1986 as an eight week old puppy as a present from my x-husband, Steve,  [and now "insignificant other" after 27 years together.  We had purchased 20 plus acres of property in rural Calaveras County, California in 1985 and decided we needed another German Shepherd for both companionship and protection for me, as my x-husband was frequently away on business. 


                                                                                Maxine at the Solari Ranch gate 1986.

Alicia was in her 14th year of life when Maxine arrived on the scene.  Both Alicia and I had the opportunity to school Maxine in the social graces of a dog's value, purpose, and  interaction of life.  With the combination of Maxine's intelligence and natural abilities and Alicia and my relationship, we did an amazing job of rearing Maxine through her adolescence.  Alicia then passed on to lung metastasis. Thus began Hinterland German Shepherds.  

Maxine's first two litters were by KK1, V -Valley Oak's Kondor of Arelee, Sch 1, CDX, HT. The first litter was  born in May 1989 and the second in May 1990. From the first litter we kept two females - Roxie and Katrina. From the second litter we kept one female - Schelle.

Hinterland's Fab Four 
[left to right - Katrina, Roxie, Maxine, and Schelle]

We bred Maxine to Champion Dreamweaver's Heineken, HT, CD, CGC  in 1991. In August, Maxine whelped her third litter. We kept one male - Boz - and one female - Hilda. We re-acquired another female - Nixie.

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