Sorry!!!  You missed out!!! 

Below puppies are all placed and in their new happy homes!!



"Hinterland's Petunia" had puppies.

They were born September 19, 2011. 



"Petunia" is a daughter of "Ziggy" and "Ebony"   [Boz x Lilly Ponds]. 

Dad is our "Into".

All Puppies below have been placed into their new homes. 

The BOYS!!!



largest boy                                                                                                    darkest boy                                                                                       "Frank"       ol' blue eyes   [They will get darker... ].






A few of the above puppies are spoken for...  please call for availability. 



Dad is our OFA Excellent, DM N/N

"Into du Noble Nid"



"Into" is from Brussels, Belgium, out of working Nato Bomb Detection bloodstock.

Please click on his name for his page and information.



Litter from

"Iris" & "Into"



Puppy on the left is reserved, as are the two females. 

Here are the boys at 3.5 weeks of age (above). 

Sorry, all of these pups are spoken for... 

"Iris" is their dam. 


Making babies is hard work.                                 "Iris", above, taking a well deserved break.


"Hinterland's Iris"

She is a beautiful bicolour bitch out of "Vyck v.h. Antverpa" and our "Hinterland's Hetzii"

"Iris" is out of my bitch line, four generations back.

Please click on blue hyperlink above to follow pedigrees and information.






All of these puppies below are in their new homes.


               First we have two...                          and now four...                                  I left for two minutes, and then there were FIVE in the basket... 



She has been having puppies, cleaning them and putting them into the basket!   What a GREAT Mama!  We had to change baskets!  

We outgrew the baskets and had to spread out! 

Grand total is TWELVE puppies, 6 males and 6 females! 

GREAT JOB, Ms. DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Hinterland's Ms. Daisy



Ms. Daisy is a Ziggy x Hetzii daughter.

Please click on the blue names above for the lineage of Ms. Daisy. 


This is a third time repeat breeding. 

With this breeding, we get excellent puppies in disposition,  temperament, pigment, structure, health and reliability. 




Born February 23, 2008

A litter of eight black and brown saddle dogs

mom is

"Hinterland's Shasta"


Shasta is a Ziggy x Hetzii daughter.


Dad is

"Jasko vom Priesteracker"

Jasko is a Laius v. Moorbeck son out of Sch 3 bitch Fina v. Priesteracker.

I imported him as a puppy from Berlin, Germany. 


Here are the babies at 5 weeks: 

The three boys, below...




The five girls, below...




Sorry, below litter is placed in their new homes... 

Born January 1, 2008! 

We have one male and 5 females, all black and brown saddled dogs.


Mom is "Wölfi von Hinterland"

Please click on "Wölfi's" name above to visit her bio-page, written by her loving family.

With her new babies... 

Wölfi's human "baby" with her canine babies... 

A few photos of the babies at 5 weeks of age, below... 

Aren't they just darling!!!!!



Dad is our Berlin imported "Jasso"








Has had 4 puppies on November 17, 2007. 

Here they are! 



We have three males and one female; all are sable in color. 

They will be ready for their new homes towards the end of January 2008.

Contact information for Cindy is at the bottom of the new photographs below. 


Monroe is a daughter of "HINTERLAND'S DANTE" x "HINTERLAND'S CALIFORNIA GIRL" (a "BOZ" X "KONA" daughter]

"Monroe" above

[is a fifth generation Hinterland dog]


DAD is our wonderful



These puppies were born on  NOVEMBER 17, 2007 and are in the  East San Francisco Bay Area of CALIFORNIA.





1st male pup                                                          female                                               3rd pup ~ male



4th pup ~ male



Above litter all placed in their homes! 



Below litter is in their new homes... 


[a "Blacky vom Leipheimer Moor" x "Hinterland's Melody"daughter]



The new babies, below, born September 10, 2007.

We have 4 males [2 red sables, 2 black/brown VERY dark] and one black/brown female. 


All above puppies are in their new homes! 



Photographs of some of our Fall/Winter 2006 breeding pairs,  below... 

These puppies were all placed in homes.

Please click on the blue names for the parentage pedigrees. 


"Hinterland's Iris" [a beautiful bicolour bitch out of "Vyck v.h. Antverpa" and our "Hinterland's Hetzii"]

was bred to our new German imported male "Jasko v. Priesteracker". 

"Jasko", or "Jakers" as we call him, is a "Laius v. Moorbeck" son out of a highly titled bitch from Berlin, "Fina v. Priesteracker". 



Above is "Iris" on the left; "Jasko" ("Jakers") on the right. 

Their pages with pedigrees and photos should be on the "Our Dogs" section of the website in the near future. 



We also bred :

Our new Berlin boy, "Jasso v. Priesteracker" [full litter brother to Jasko, above]

"Jasso" is a "Laius v. Moorbeck" son out of a highly titled bitch from Berlin, "Fina v. Priesteracker". 



  "Katelynn" below [an "Enzo Manepo" x "Ally" daughter]

"Jasso" and "Katelynn" had five puppies, all black and red, longer coated, four males and one female.  



"Jasso" was also bred to "Penni" below [an "Argus" x "Chelsea" daughter].


"Penni" and "Jasso's" pages with pedigrees and photos should be on the "Our Dogs" section of the website in the near future. 


Four puppies were born to the below dogs: 
[Entire litter is spoken for.]

Hinterland's Chelsea                            has been bred to                            Chief vom Patiala

                                           SG - Chief vom Patiala
                                                                                          SchH I(288) SchH II(289) SchH III(90-95-95,280)                                                                                                      KKL1(Life), OFA good hips, Elbows Clear,  

                                                                                 National SchH III Competitor

Please click on Dog's photograph for more information regarding the above sire and dam. 


Look at what you missed! 


All of these puppies below have been placed in their new homes.


Born July 8, 2008

Nine black & brown saddled puppies

[Four are males, Five are females]


Cali with her new puppies


Mom is "Hinterland's California Girl"

[ "Cali"  is a "Boz" x "Kona" daughter ]

"Cali" lives with her owners, Nick and Joy.


These babies will be available the first week of September 2008. 


Here are the boys!

Photographs taken 8-16-08

[Numerical order means nothing other than for organizing the photographs... ]


[This puppy is spoken for]

Cali Male # 2


Cali male #3

Cali male #4

And here are the girls!!

Cali Female #1

[lightest pigment]


Cali Female #2


[This puppy is spoken for]

Cali Female pup #3


Cali Female pup #4


Cali Female pup #5


[This puppy is spoken for.]


Pooped Cali says "When are they leaving??"

Being a mom is hard work!! 




Dad is "Vino vom Hinterland"

"Vino is a "Lena" x "Argus" son


[... sorry;   these photographs could be better, but it was blasted HOTTT!!]