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Susan E. Solari
4623 Jaquima Drive
Angels Camp, CA 95222

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Our Philosophy

Welcome to our world of (to date) five generations of German Shepherd dogs. This brief letter will inform you of our breeding philosophy and some general information about our kennel, club memberships, expectations from our dogs and their lifetime family owners.

There is no better companion than the German Shepherd dog. I was raised by one through my teenage years. We were inseparable companions. The best of friends, no questions asked, trusting, intelligent, instinctual. That is the German Shepherd dog I know. That is the German Shepherd dog I love.

Our dogs are bred to be mentally healthy, physically sound, intelligent, have lots of character, personality, and heart, and be livable. They are capable of almost anything. They are the most versatile of any breed. They are childproof, when raised properly. Our breeding animals are selected on their ability to learn, temperament, and of course, health background. We breed to dogs that will compliment and improve our existing stock. They are instinctively protective without being aggressive. Soundness, health, willingness, trainability, and mental stability are priorities in our breeding program. We abhor dog aggressiveness. Trendy breeding or breeding for beauty only is NOT a consideration. Our dogs do have the ability to reason.

All of our breeding stock is OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.  Dogs of German origin are "a" stamped.  Our proven record is becoming more apparent as the years pass. Because of genetic faults in any breed, our dogs are fully guaranteed. Even by using all of the genetic screening tools available to breeders, an occasional problem may arise. We guarantee our animals because of this fact. All of our dogs are von Willebrand disease tested. They are all Temperament Certified (TC). We choose to certify their eyes of phenotypical disease. Their thyroid evaluations are normal.

We register all of our dogs through the AKC (American Kennel Club). They are permanently tattooed on their inner thigh with their AKC registration number or tattooed in their right ear for Hinterland litter identification. Our kennel is permanently registered with the SV in Germany and Schutzhund U.S.A.

Our animals are bred and raised on our ranch in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of central California in sunny Calaveras County. We are above the fog and below the snow line... the perfect place to be. We raise sheep and have a variety of ranch designated mammals and fowl, including horses.

Our bitches are not bred until they are physically and emotionally mature, which is normally in their third year of life. They are easy breeders and whelpers having normal hormonal cycles. They may have four litters or so in their life and are not over-used or over-bred. Depending on the litter size, we wait until the bitch has fully recovered from the stresses of whelping and nursing before they are bred again.  The health of the bitch is going to determine the health of the newborns. We have the deepest respect for and hold in extremely high regards the health of the bitch.

We will not sell a sick animal.  We normally only breed a litter when we have a good portion of one sold to waiting future families. Our puppies are not allowed to leave this home until they are at least 8 weeks of age. They will have had their first inoculations between 7 and 8 weeks of age. They will be wormed and possibly have had an Albon treatment for Protozoa because of living on our ranch. Most veterinarians will adhere to our inoculation schedule. The four month and older dogs will be on Heartworm preventative.

Just as children are more easily adapted to certain scholastic routes, so are puppies. Hinterland German Shepherds is honest in our evaluations of our puppies. Their future homes are chosen by us, as we live with them daily and watch them develop their individual personalities and characteristics. In our eyes, there is no "pick of the litter". They are all individuals with unique personalities that deserve a specific lifestyle and home.

Some dogs are better suited for different situations or work environments. The "drive level" differs from dog to Boz and Fu Manchudog. The more training and socializing you do with your dog, the closer the bond and more confident and calm your dog will be in new and different surroundings. Every dog is an individual. What works for one may not work for the next. Differences in personalities is an important consideration when you acquire your lifetime companion. Some animals mature slower than others; be wary and realistic of your expectations. Train and socialize your dog and you will have a superb companion. German Shepherd dogs are not back-yard statues. Mental stimulation is a necessary part of their lives. Their mentality and reasoning powers are that of an adolescent human and then some...

Our dogs are schooled, compete, and are titled in the sports of Schutzhund (a three phase triathlon with tracking, obedience, and protection), Herding events (sheep), Obedience Trials, Conformation (Specialty and All-Breed Shows), and tracking events. We have progeny training and competing in Agility, certified Police Service Dogs, Search and Rescue prospects, and Registered Therapy Dogs. They are wonderful household additions and family members. Once you own one (or they own you), you'll never own another breed.

We currently hold or have held memberships in the following organizations:

  • German Shepherd Dog Club of America [since January 1991].

  • GSDCA-WDA  Working Dog Association  [since January 1991].

  • Schutzhund USA  [since April 1993].

  • German Shepherd Dog Club of Sacramento Valley, Inc. [since November 1993].

  • San Joaquin Dog Training Club [since August-1993].
             - Representative for - Association of Obedience Clubs of Northern California (AOCNC) 2001, 2002

  • Sacramento Council of Dogs, Inc. [since April 1995].

  • Kennel Club of the California Sierra [since October 1991].

    •  President, 2001, 2002, 2003

    •  American Kennel Club recognized 2003

    • Board member, 2004

    • American Kennel Club affiliated, 2004.

  • American Kennel Club -Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator [since 2002].

  • Deutscher Verband Der Gebrauchshundsportvereine E.V. (DVG) 1992, 1993.

  • Blue Tahoe Schutzhund Club, 2003. 

  • Marysville Schutzhund Club, 2004

  • Participant in DNA studies University of California at Davis [Hip Dysplasia]

  • Participant in DNA research with Texas A & M University  [Dwarfism, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency -  EPI]

  • Participant in DNA studies with Vet Gen.

  • American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit Award 2011

  • 2012 - Screening breeding stock with OFA's new DNA panels for Degenerative Myelopathy [DM].

Many references are available, including a multitude of veterinary and medical professionals, and previous Hinterland German Shepherd puppy and dog owners. We are showered with mountains of photos and letters regarding their wonderful family additions. We are always available for consultation, training and health tips, and just plain chatting! Some rescue information is available.

Please feel welcome to come and visit our wonderful dogs and kennel. You will need to call and make reservations in advance, as we have very active schedules.

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Hinterland German Shepherds
Susan E. Solari
4623 Jaquima Drive
Angels Camp, CA 95222
Ph: (209) 785-3077
Email: [email protected]

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