Heather of Galteemore

Maxine's Paternal Granddam

Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill, ROM
AmCh Covy-Tucker Hill's Durango, CD, ROM
Covy-Tucker Hill's Turtle Dove
  AmCh Karagin's Crusader, ROM
AmCh Phildores Yungblod Jerico
Caralon's Illa vd Lockenheim
Caralon's Erika vd Lockenheim
AmCh Deannson's On Broadway, CD, SchH1
AmCanGV Am/CanCh Lance of Fran Jo, ROM
Am/CanGV Am/CanCh Lakeside's Harrigan, ROM
Cobert's Melissa, ROM
  Harrigan's Lakeside Maegan
AmCh Von Nassau's Sherpa, CD
Wilhelmsburg's Madchen
Cass v Haus Marliese
Heather of Galteemore
Am/CanCh Caralon's Hein vd Lockenheim, CD, ROM
AmCh Caralon's Phantom v Lebarland
Heather Hill's Fleeting Image
  Jasko vd Altmark, UD
Anker vd Altmark
Altmark's Nora, CDX
Rothchild's Annochey
Rosegate's Lacey
Anker vd Altmark
Heiko vd Altmark, CDX
Betta of Retloch, CD
  Altmark's Magnificent Molly, CDX
Anker vd Altmark
Rosamunde vd Altmark, CDX
Altmark's Mala of Ratloch
















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